Your identity is your own. Let’s keep it that way.

With Identity Theft Resolution Services, Farmers Savings Bank members now have a fraud specialist on stand-by – ready to assist them.

When it comes to identity theft, time is of the essence. Often, a single fraudulent activity on one of your accounts is just the tip of the iceberg. Fortunately, members now have complimentaryIdentity Theft Resolution ServicesSM, powered by Identity Theft 911®, the nation’s leader in identity management and fraud education.

Identity Theft Resolution Services is a fully inclusive program that provides you and your family with unlimited, one-on-one access to a highly experienced fraud specialist. From the moment you call, this specialist becomes your personal advocate and ally, guiding you through the resolution process, step-by-step, until the problem is fully resolved and your good name is restored.

Services also include Disaster Recovery ServicesSM to help replace critical personal documentation such as driver’s license, birth certificate or Social Security card due to a home fire, flood or other disaster, and international Identity Travel ServicesSM to assist with emergency travel documents and arrangements in the event passports, credit cards, checks, or other crucial documents are lost or stolen while traveling abroad.

Identity Theft Resolution ServicesSM

  • Unlimited, one-on-one access to a fraud specialist who will handle all the work
  • Proactive assistance after any suspicious activity, including placement of a free fraud alert on a credit file
  • Free advocate-assisted fraud alerts placed with all three credit bureaus, and credit file freeze, if needed
  • Systematic notification and preparation of all necessary documentation, including assistance filing a police report and applying for an Identity Theft Passport
  • Free enrollment in one year of credit monitoring, including a free 3-in-1 credit report for identity theft victims
  • Free enrollment in one year of fraud monitoring of more than 1,000 public databases for identity theft victims
  • An additional year of active follow-up

Disaster Recovery ServicesSM

  • Assistance with emergency authentication and coordination with aid organizations
  • Assistance with rapid replacement of lost or destroyed documents such as birth certificates, loan documents, INS and IRS documents
  • Assistance with accessing and protecting financial, credit and employment related data
  • A center of communications for family, friends and providers

Identity Travel ServicesSM

  • Worldwide toll-free access to a fraud specialist, plus Travel Preparedness Package
  • Assistance with placing a short-term fraud alert on your credit file while you’re abroad
  • Assistance with coordination of law enforcement, U.S. embassies or other agencies to help with emergency travel arrangements
  • Assistance in contacting family members and/or other relevant parties
  • Follow-up to clear any residual identity fraud that may impact credit files or financial accounts once the traveler has returned home

Expert help is as close as:
319.372.5141 – Wever
319.528.4222 – Denmark
319.752.6200 – Burlington

Suspect your identity has been compromised? Have any identity-related concerns? Simply call us at your local branch, to be referred to a fraud specialist from Identity Theft 911. You’ll receive immediate assistance with any identity theft related problem, including personalized identification recovery. When planning a trip abroad, call to get in touch with a personal advocate prior to your departure. You’ll receive a Travel Preparedness Package with international toll-free country codes, travel tips and more.

For valuable identity theft information, visit

Identity Theft Resolution Services also bring you unparalleled education on identity theft via a daily updated website, delivering up-to-the-minute news alerts, in-depth articles, monthly newsletters, as well as useful tips and preventative guidelines. Reduce your chances of becoming a victim by staying informed on the latest fraud trends at:

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